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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will my USA address look like?

A. Your Name
7000 Stinson Hartis Road
Suite G-####
Indian Trail, N.C. 28079, U.S.A.

We offer a real USA street address that is unique to you. This is not a Post Office Box! This is your
own street address that USA retailers will accept as a valid shipping destination.

Q. Where will my address be accepted?

A. Your address will be accepted by millions of merchants, online stores, eBay sellers and personal senders.

Q. Can I start using my address immediately?

A. After you follow our 6 steps registration process you should receive within a few minutes a welcome message that includes your unique USA address. You can immediately start using your USA address as your valid shipping destination for your shopping needs. But before we send your packages to your destination you must complete our verification process.

Q. Will you receive any sort of packages in my behalf?

A. usaaddress.com goal is to give consumers access to the USA market by providing an USA shopping address. Our focus is to handle parcels, packages, bags and medium size envelopes. Letters or correspondence will not be received and are typically returned to the sender. If you need to receive a specific letter as a courtesy we can make arrangements for its delivery but these instances are rare.

Q. How will you ship my packages? How long will my packages take to reach me?

A. You can count on usaaddress.com for the fastest and most reliable shipping service. All your packages will be ship using our Express service which has a transit time of about 3 to 4 business days from the day you request your item to your door.

Q. What are your shipping charges?

A. Shipping charges are based on the weight, dimensions of the package, and where it is being shipped to. To calculate shipping costs please refer to our

Shipping Cost Calculator

Q. Are both consolidation and repack offered?

A. Yes!! we offer both package consolidation and repack options.

Q. What is package consolidation?

A. Package consolidation is to group or combine packages. We do not charge for this awesome service. It is free for all plans, and is done automatically by our website. Package consolidation is very important because by combining packages you are only charged for the first pound (usually very high) only once. Then you would pay the regular rate for all other additional pounds.

Q. What is package Repack?

A. Repack means to open your items, and to re-organize the content into smaller boxes. Repacking your items can considerably reduce the shipping cost because retailers tend to ship items on larger than necessary boxes which will increase the dimensional weight of your items, hence increase your shipping cost. We offer two options for repack:

Option 1
You pay a flat fee per box to be repack. This charge is done before the repack is attempted and is not refundable.

Option 2
You may select the repack option at the moment of shipment. We will then open all the boxes of that shipment and we will try to repack everything more efficiently. There is no upfront charge for this service. If repacking is possible, we share the benefits with the customer. If the repack is not possible you will not be charged and the cost of your shipment will not var

Q. What about duties and taxes?

A. Our rates include all door-to-door shipping costs. Additional charges for customs clearance are your responsibility.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Follow our 6 steps registration form and start using your USA address in minutes.

Q. Cannot find an answer to your question?

A. View our categorized listing of all common frequently asked questions at our Knowledgebase section: Knowledgebase section