Which items are restricted?
Posted by Juan S on 18 November 2007 08:52 PM

The following commodities are NOT acceptable for transporting by under any circumstances:

- Dangerous, flammable, corrosive or explosive materials (aerosol products, chemicals, ink...).

- Live Animals, Reptiles, Snakes, Birds, Insects, Larva, Plants, Pupae.

- Bullion, jewelry and objects constructed of precious materials/ or stones.

- Antiques, Works of Art/Fine Art.

- Currency, "cash-like" negotiable instruments in bearer form and prepaid debit cards or credit cards.

- Firearms, ammunition, paintball guns, pellet guns, air rifles (or similar, its parts or accessories)

- Pornography.

- Perishable items.

- Illegal goods.

- Drugs (legal), Medicines (prescription/ non prescription), Medical Samples, Tobacco (including cigarettes), Liquors.

- Dietary supplements.

- Human remains (including ashes).

- Counterfeit, illegal or Pirated goods or material.

Any goods received at our facilities under these categories or considered dangerous, will be automatically returned to the sender and/or destroyed properly.

Costs for handling these goods could be imposed on the customer's account.

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